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How To Connect your Computer To the Internet via BlackBerry’s internet connection

Just like most internet enabled mobile phones in the market today, every BlackBerry device in cases of emergency can serve as a modem to connect to the internet.

This tutorial will guide you through the quick steps needed to configure your BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s mobile internet settings and thus get you connected to the web. Please note that you’ll need to have another data plan with your network provider as you cannot use your BlackBerry data plan to surf the internet on your desktop/laptop. So, unlimited subscribers are happy.

This guide is based on my country but it’s similar to any other country as long as you have the ISP information.


Blackberry Desktop Software

Working Data-plan


1. Install Blackberry Desktop Software on your computer.

2. Connect your Blackberry to your computer and make sure it’s in Sync Mode.

3. In the Tools menu you will find Mobile Internet Settings as show in the below picture.

4. Add custom profile based on your ISP; mine is Batelco Bahrain

Name: Blackberry – or any name you like

Username: Batelco


Access Point:

5. Once it’s added, click on Save Button to save the custom profile.

6. Go back to the Tools menu and launch the Start Mobile Internet

Once you launch the Start Mobile Internet you should be connected and presented in the Status Bar as Connected.

And that’s it. Hope you like and do please share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook etc

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Veeam – Freezing guest operating system VSSControl: Failed to freeze guest

You may get this error while you are trying to backup your vCenter as a VM.  This happen due to a bug in Veeam Backup and Replication 5.0, specially if you checked the checkbox Application-aware image.

This happen if you are trying to create the Backup job of vCenter VM from from the VC itself.

To overcome this issue, simply;

1. Add the host where the vCenter is running.

2. Delete the previous Backup job that’s pointed to the vCenter

3. Create a new Backup Job and select the vCenter VM from the host where you have added in step 1.

This should solve the VSSControl: Failed to freeze guest

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