Cannot reach iSCSI target after enabling iSCSI port binding in ESXi5.0

Today I have encountered funny thing which kept me out of control trying to figure it out. In my environment my ESX Servers are connected to EMC AX4-5i and I configured an iSCSI Binding to achieve Round Robin Load Balancing..

I received a new IBM DS3512 and recently put the second controller to reply the EMC SAN Storage. In IBM  Storage manager I configured the host profile and created test LUN and presented to one of the ESX Hosts. I confirm everything is correct, I can ping the targets IP Address and i can ping ESX VMkernel IP Address but when I do a rescan, nothing is added. I was pulling my hair to figure out what is wrong.

It concluded that the previous iSCSI Binding is the issue. After removing both VMKernel PortGroups that binded to the VMHBA41 and did a rescan the IBM iSCSI Target detected and LUN appear.

In vSphere Client:

  1. Click Configuration > Storage Adapters > iSCSI Software Initiator > Properties > Configure.
  2. Select the Network Configuration tab.
  3. Select the vmk which is iSCSI compliant, then click OK.

Or you can use cli in command line;

esxcli iscsi networkportal add -A vmhbaX -n vmkY

Where X is the vmhba device number, and Y is the vmkernel port configured to access iSCSI storage.

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