(DUP!) Duplicate Ping when you ping VMKernel PortGroup within ESX Host


Have you ever encountered a duplicated ping when you try to ping the iSCSI PortGroups or pinging the ESX Host Itself from vCenter?

In my case I have this issue when I try to ping from ESXi5.0 host to an iSCSI Target.

SAN Storage Configuration:

IBM DS3512 with two Controllers, each with 4 iSCSI Ports.



When I try to ping each of the iSCSI Ports IP Address, I got

64 bytes from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: icmp_seq=4 ttl=128 time=0.xxx ms (DUP!)

ESX iSCSI Configuration:

vSwitch with 4 VMKernels PortGroup for iSCSI.

iSCSI-30 10.10.30.x

iSCSI-40 10.10.40.x

iSCSI-50 10.10.50.x

iSCSI-60 10.10.60.x

By default, vSwitch will take Route Based on the Originating port ID.

I resolved this issue by:

Changing from Route based on the Originating Port ID to Route based on IP Hash. And I set each VMKernel Port active on one nic only instead of two “Default”

VMNIC3 active for iSCSI-30 and iSCSI-40 because this NIC connected to Switch-1 as well as both iSCSI Ports.

VMNIC9 active for iSCSI-50 and iSCSI-60 because this NIC connected to Switch-2 as well as both iSCSI Ports.

(DUP!) has disappeared after doing this :)

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