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Migrating Veeam Backup to another Physical Server

Migrating Veeam Backup to another Physical Server

 I’m not going to make this post so complicated by explaining the bits and bytes of every step, but I’m listing below the steps in a very easy way;

  • Perform configuration backup on Veeam Server.
  • Install Veeam on the new physical server from scratch.
  • Import configuration that has been backed in step 1.
  • If you are using Veeam Backup to Backup Symantec Enterprise Vault, then you will have to install the Symantec EV Console on the new server in order to continue backing up Symantec Enterprise Vault. If not, you can ignore this step.
  • Move the scripts that run the Backup Jobs to the new Server, Export & Import.
      • Task Scheduler for all Backup Jobs Scripts;
        • Export & Import Tasks
        • Change Scripts path accordingly.
        • Re-enable the task scheduler in the new server.
        • Upgrade PowerShell to the latest version 3.0 WMI
        • Re-attach the Repository LUNs to the new server, and scan the Repositories to map the Backup Jobs.

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